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We specialize in serving the specific needs of affluent families by addressing problems head on and finding solutions to the unique situations you face.

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Praise for the work of Aspen Consulting Team spacer
Praise for the work of Aspen Consulting Team's Partners Praise for the work of Aspen Consulting Team's Partners
“. . . Edgell helped me turn my life around, develop honest self-love and begin the journey to wholeness . . .” [MORE]
Praise for the work of Aspen Consulting Team's Partners spacer
Praise for the work of Aspen Consulting Team's Partners spacer

Recently featured in Wealth & Finance International magazine -- click here to read the articleWe have helped many families work through complex issues of trust and communication around emotional and financial issues and increase their respect and caring for each other—the two key ingredients to protecting family worth, now and for generations to come.

Our work is tailored to fit exactly what you and your family need. It is highly confidential, and we honor your desire to work out issues privately, within the boundaries of your own family.

We work with a wide range of situations, so if you see yourself in any of the examples described below, please contact us for more information on how we can help you.


AT A FAMILY MEETING, you’re trying to discuss and make decisions around the future of your family’s wealth, the direction of the family business or a system for philanthropic giving. The discussion is scattered, no one is on the same page, and ideas are random. You’re spinning your wheels and going nowhere. Creating a FAMILY MISSION STATEMENT is essential to identify your family’s values, create a family culture you want to live in and get you to your goals. We know how to help you create that mission statement with your entire family.
YOUR FAMILY IS SITTING AROUND A TABLE at your annual shareholders meeting. You hear frequent snide remarks about other family members, and negativity hangs in the air. You realize that no one wants to open up and share what they really think for fear of another person denigrating them or ripping them apart. We find the basis for the low trust within the family and rebuild that TRUST which decreases conflict and improves family relationships. 
EVERY TIME A SENSITIVE TOPIC COMES UP—whether in a family business meeting or at dinner—the family goes sideways. One person gets angry and blows up, another does everything possible to calm the situation, another sits glassy-eyed with no emotion at all, or yet another diverts the conversation any way possible. Tension mounts and nothing gets resolved. Most of us are good communicators when the subject matter is easy. But when topics become uncomfortable and stress increases, it all falls apart. We have effective tools to teach COMMUNICATION SKILLS FOR DIFFICULT CONVERSATIONS and discussions to resolve important issues and increase harmony within the family.
IT'S TIME FOR YOU TO RETIRE and turn over the reins of the family business to one of your heirs. For years, you have been concerned that no one is adequately prepared to take over. We help you learn how to SUPPORT AND PREPARE HEIRS — your sons and daughters — early on and to get them ready to become next in line for authority positions within the family business.
AS THE DAUGHTER OF A SUCCESSFUL FATHER, you have inherited a large estate. You fell in love and married a man who is not nearly as wealthy as you. There are constant problems of power and control within your relationship, your husband often feels emasculated, and you sometimes don’t know how to handle the money you have. We understand the issues of FISCAL INEQUALITY and work with couples to find the appropriate solutions to living in a situation which is becoming more and more prevalent in the twenty-first century.

SOMEONE IN YOUR FAMILY NEEDS EXTRA ATTENTION, care or support, but no one has the skills to define or carry out a plan for what to do next. Many attempts have been tried but without a successful outcome. The concern is exhausting everyone.

We equip you with the tools to help your family manage the situation and, when necessary, develop a PLAN FOR TREATMENT.
YOU'RE TRYING TO HAVE A CONVERSATION ABOUT THE VALUE OF YOUR FAMILY'S ESTATE, in order to establish the best possible financial planning. You notice that your family members fidget and “just don’t want to talk about it”. You stop and think: your parents never talked about it with you either. It must be some kind of family rule not to talk about money. Have you ever talked about your FAMILY RULES — both spoken and unspoken? If not, they may be driving you subconsciously toward behaviors that don’t benefit you or anyone in your family. We will give you tools to transform those negative family rules into positive ones.
ONE OF YOUR SIBLINGS HAS SHOT THE MOON and become almost as financially successful as your father. But you feel timid, unconfident and tenuous about even trying. What if you fail?  What if you don’t meet your family’s expectations for career choice or achievement? SELF-ESTEEM is a huge issue in any family, but especially in successful families, because siblings feel they can’t match up and are being compared to someone who made it bigger than they ever could. It can cripple their lives and cause them to hang out with people much inferior to themselves simply to feel better. We are experts in helping to heal low self-esteem.
YOU'RE THE PATRIARCH/MATRIARCH OF THE FAMILY AND THE LEADER OF THE FAMILY TEAM. But when it comes to decision making and goal setting, you stand alone because no one else comes to the plate to engage in important planning. LEADERSHIP is a skill that needs to be taught, nurtured and supported. We help families teach their children how to develop visions they want to live by, think for themselves, be courageous in the face of fear, and take a stand for what they believe in.

We have vast training and experience in helping families achieve healing and success by utilizing our tool chest of skills and our network of trusted, outside professionals.

Praise for the Work of Aspen Consulting Team:

“Over 20 years ago, June and I walked into the Snowmass Chapel. We heard a most gifted preacher, who over the years became our spiritual advisor and a great friend. Edgell enriches lives of those he touches in a most profound way.

— Paul and June Schorr, New York, NY | Past President, Chief Executives Organization (CEO)

“Dr. Edgell Pyles came into my life in a time when I had failed and did not like myself in many ways. He helped me turn my life around, develop honest self-love and begin the journey to wholeness. He helped me, at the age of 58, on a new journey of bliss with a magical partner and a significantly more successful and fulfilling personal and professional life. I am only one of the many whose lives have been infinitely enriched by Edgell.”

— M. Ray Thomasson, Ph.D., Denver, CO | President, Thomasson Partner Associates
Past President, American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG) |
Past President, American Geological Institute (AGI)

“Our son, Peter and I had a wonderful ‘father-son’ horseback retreat in the Colorado Mountains with Edgell, his son, and several other fathers and sons. We had the distinct and memorable privilege of sharing with Edgell life lessons. Edgell has led several seminars for members of our Young Presidents Organization (YPO) Forum, a small group of men who are willing to discuss life’s mysteries and opportunities, some of which would not have been apparent without Edgell’s insights from his dual careers as a psychologist and minister.”

— James W. Light, Snowmass, CO | Chairman, Chaffin Light Real Estate Company

Download our ACT Insight™ White paper: Executive Coaching in a Family BusinessDownload our ACT Insight™ White paper: The Family CharterDownload our ACT Insight™ White paper: Executive Coaching in a Family Business

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