WE understand the unique needs of affluent families and family wealth transferrence
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How We Work

Our C-A-M paradigm stands for Collect, Analyze, and Manage and is taken from the Frech word "cam" which means, "A linkage that translates motion".

We developed this paradigm from transactional systems theory and our years of work in the fields of psychology, theology, and organizational development.

Using the C-A-M model, we will guide you towards fulfillment and happiness—regardless of your situation or relationship—by helping you gain psychological insight, understand interpersonal patterns, resolve complex problems, and plan for healthy interaction and wealth conservation.

 Through the C-A-M model, you will learn:

  • Awareness of the details that shape you
  • Action in overcoming the dynamics that trap you
  • Achievement in decisions, strategies, and skills for a happier and more productive life.

CAM ParadigmTailoring our consulting work to your specific needs—using psychological  interviews and inventories,  group dynamics and discussions, interactive and experiential exercises, and structured and informal teaching modules—our C-A-M model consists of three stages:

Stage 1: Collect Information.  We conduct personal and group interviews and inventories over a period of a few days with family members, as defined by the client. History details can be classified as confidential, but the data dynamics will be analyzed and utilized. 

Stage 2: Analyze and Synthesize Data. After the interview and testing stage, we will study the data and prepare an in-depth profile and report of the psychological issues we identified in your particular situation with recommendations for resolutions. This usually takes us two to four days to complete.

Stage 3: Manage and Plan for Success. We will meet again with Stage 1 group members over the course of a few days to several months in order to:

  • Present the psychological profile and report.
  • Address issues—old and current—as identified from our analysis.
  • Teach skills, as needed, for healthier interpersonal relationships.
  • Create a Plan for Success that states concerns to be resolved, goals to be achieved and actions to be implemented with designation of personal and financial responsibility and accountability.

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