WE understand the unique needs of affluent families and family wealth transferrence
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What We Do

We offer a unique service that goes beyond what family financial planners can do by solving problems within your family that lead to the loss of financial value.

Aspen Consulting Teams helps diffuse family confrontationAspen Consulting Team works with families who are facing complex challenges of owning and managing a family business together. Our highly experienced team helps families restore trust and communication, rebuild positive relationships, and protect the family business for generations to come.

By listening and learning about strengths and challenges in the family business, our team helps families explore and implement solutions to difficult situations and identify areas for interpersonal, organizational, and spiritual growth. As a result, the business can grow and prosper from one generation to the next.

Download our ACT Insight™ White paper: Executive Coaching in a Family BusinessA breakage in family trust and communication causes approximately 70% of family businesses to fail within three generations.* Aspen Consulting Team is passionate about helping family businesses lay the foundation for a successful future and long-lasting harmony among family members.

Together, we will create a Plan for Success – an action strategy – that clearly outlines the issues to be resolved, goals to be achieved, and actions to be implemented. We’ll help your family:

  • Untangle unhealthy personal and family dynamics
  • Improve communication skills among family members
  • Resolve conflicts and concerns that block success
  • Set and reach realistic goals
  • Make positive changes that last
  • Achieve greater personal and professional productivity

e help families work through the complex issues of trust and communication.We offer consultations that serve three areas:

  • Individuals – Gain greater insight into your intra-personal, relational, familial, and professional dynamics and set realistic personal and career goals.
  • Family System – Understand family psychological patterns in order to resolve concerns and plan for healthy interaction and value preservation.
  • Business System – Planning and preparation for future leaders so that they can sustain financial growth.

Download our ACT Insight™ White paper: The Family CharterAspen Consulting Team specializes in family business succession planning, conflict and crisis management and resolution, and family business strategy. We’re experts at bridging the gap between families and the tools that will help their business and relationships thrive.

Contact us to learn more about partnering together.

 * (The Economist, June, 2001; The Williams Group, “Preparing Heirs” 2003)

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